Learn Piano Teaching Software Review

“Looking for Piano Lesson DVDs and Software? See Which Programs Made the Cut in Our ‘Learn Piano’ Software Review”

So you want to learn how to play the piano, right? Most beginning piano students really want to get to playing their favorite songs as fast as possible, so they can impress friends and family or play purely for their own enjoyment.

Piano learning DVDs and software programs are a great way to save money on expensive private lessons, especially if you are looking to play your favorite songs as fast as possible. The only problem is, have you even seen the amount of “learn piano” programs and courses available these days? Unfortunately, most of them are pure CRAP.

Why waste money on programs that don’t work? We have reviewed three of the top-selling “learn piano” software and DVD courses on the market and written our reviews below. Our top pick is Learn and Master Piano for its extremely thorough and professional presentation, but Rocket Piano came in a close second as a great program for those on a smaller budget who are willing to take courses via their computer.

OUR TOP 3 PICKS (Updated April 1st, 2010):


Includes: 14 DVDs, 5 CDs, and a comprehensive 104-page lesson book.

Overview: Learn and Master Piano on the high end price-wise, but a great choice for people really serious about learning piano. The most thorough course on the market today.

Highlights: The undisputed #1 training product for someone wanting to learn how to play the piano. This is the most professional and high-quality presentation of all the “learn piano” products we have seen- from the materials to the packaging to the trainers. The 14 Learn and Master Piano DVDs contain 28 detailed sessions taught by Grammy-Award Winning Composer/Arranger Will Barrow. There are over 120+ audio tracks to play along with too, on the 5 audio CDs. Overall, this program gets the highest rating for its top-notch trainer, materials, and support.

The Fine Print: Depending on the package, it can be a little expensive, but has a 60-day money back guarantee. Learn and Master Piano also comes with 24 hour FREE support, with your questions answered by the course instructor, Will Barrow himself.

**Hint: Try to get it on a sale day. They aren’t often (every couple months it seems) but if you can get it on sale, you might want to snag it.

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Includes: 126 audio files, 13 video files, 3 ebooks, bonus ebooks & 5 games

Overview: Rocket Piano was almost our #1 rated because of its value and volumes of information. A more affordable training program but also is delivered 100% via your computer. Entire products is downloaded via e-books and e-courses. Rocket Piano uses a variety of practice methods, which we found very useful to quickly advance your piano playing without ever getting bored.

Highlights: For a software program, Rocket Piano is comprehensive and well thought out. The audio and video files allow students to learn at their own pace while creating a learning environment that is neither dull nor boring. Some may find the delivery method annoying (100% via your computer) but overall, it is a great value for the price.

The Fine Print: One of the least expensive software choices available for learning piano, anywhere.They offer free lifetime updates, great bonus products, and a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.

**Hint: Site says price will increase soon, but it never has. Not sure why, it’s an insane amount of info for the price. Also available in a Gospel Piano version.

Includes: Piano is Fun! Software w/ step-by-step lessons, practice games, and a progress tracker.
Overview: Piano is Fun! is a very simple program designed to teach students how to play piano is as little steps as possible. It is more geared towards children, and allows up to 50 students to track their progress in the course.

Highlights: The feature set of Piano is Fun! is fairly limited compared to other software choices, but the features that are included certainly are solid. The step-by-step nature of the course along with the interactive excercises makes it a very suitable program for kids, although adults might prefer something a little more comprehensive.

The Fine Print: Very inexpensive, and carries a 30-day money back guarantee. Would be a decent choice for young children, but the limited amount of features makes it a little unappealling for serious piano players.

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